Toilet Repair – Don’t Be Afraid : )

There’s almost nothing that is more frustrating than hearing that running toilet, especially when you are trying to sleep. We’ve all experienced the strange noises a toilet can make in addition to the constant running of water that not only frustrates us but costs us a lot of money over the years if the problem isn’t addressed. The good news is that most people can fix these problems themselves.

It’s easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Remove the top of the tank and lift up the float arm. If the water stops running then you know that the ball float is not is not rising high enough to lower the valve plunger low enough. This can be caused by the ball rubbing against the side of the tank. Simply bend the arm so the ball is not hindered and can rise properly.
  2. If the float ball is not touching the side of the tank then remove the float ball to see if there is any water in it. Water inside the float ball will keep the ball from rising to the proper level to activate the valve plunger. If there is water in the ball just empty it. If there is no water simply bend the float arm downward so that the ball has less off a distance to go to activate the plunger.
  3. If neither of the two previous steps resolves your problem check the valve for decay or chemical build up that may be the cause of your problems. If the valve is decayed simply replace it. If there is chemical build up on the valve seat wipe it off after emptying the tank. You can empty the tank by shutting off the water source and flushing the toilet.
  4. If water is still flowing the lift wire that raises and lowers the tank ball may be out of alignment or bent. The guide wire should be directly above the flush valve opening. You can rotate the guide until valve plunger fall into the opening properly. With a bent lift wire, bend it back to the correct position, or replace it. Be sure that the trip lever rod is not hitting against anything and that the lift wire is installed in the right hole on the rod.

If the tank ball or the valve plunger are not your problem there could likely be an assembly problem.

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