Steps to Take for a Clogged Drain Before Calling a Plumber

Maintaining a home can be expensive and with unexpected events like a clogged drain there is often little money to call in a professional. The good news is that most clogged drain situations can be handled without a plumber.

If you have a bathtub drain that is slow or a shower drain that is full of hair and hair products and no longer draining like it used to, your options include, standing in knee deep water while showering, call a professional plumber or try to fix the clogged drain on your own.

Most drain cleaning and clogged drains are simple to handle on your own and require no expertise in the plumbing field. You will need a few tools to begin and some determination and elbow grease to finish.

  • Drain Cleaner
  • Plumbing Snake
  • Wrench

Using drain cleaner is the first step that homeowners usually take and in many cases it is all that is needed. If you do not want to buy drain cleaner you can make your own at home with a few simple ingredients.

  • 1/4c baking soda
  • 1/2c vinegar

Let the homemade concoction sit for at least an hour and work its magic. The combination of the vinegar and the baking soda will create a fizzling action that will help to oxidize the pipes and clear small debris while cleaning grime from the inside of the pipe.

The commercial brands are designed to push grime and dirt through your pipes, so you may need something stronger than what you can make at home to deal with your clogged drain.

A plumbing snake may be required if you have a stubborn clog that the cleaners and the commercial products will not take care of. Using the plumber snake, carefully insert it into the drain that is clogged and work it back and forth to remove the clog. The snake will work to push the clog through the pipes as well as snatch it out and pull it back out. Be careful when using the snake or any device that enters the pipes, if the pipes are rusted, corroded or damaged the pressure from the snake could create further damage and the end result would be much more money.

Removing a pipe to unclog the drain is sometimes necessary and is simple to do. Be sure that you turn the water off before removing the pipe and that all seals and washers are kept intact. In order to avoid unnecessary faucet repair be sure you do not use too much force and cause damage to the fixtures or to the pipes.

If none of these methods work or you fear that your pipes may be damaged and do not want to risk creating more problems, contact a plumber.

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