Steps for Ceramic Disk Faucet Repair

When repairing any plumbing fixture it’s important to follow the manufactures instructions for the parts you are replacing. This is something that will make your plumbing experience uneventful and keep you dry in the process. It is important to have the right tools at your side when you start.

How A Ceramic Disk Faucet Works

The operation of a ceramic disk faucet is quite simple. Turning the handle in one direction the holes in the discs are in line and the cold of hot water can flow through the holes. As you turn the lever further and further clockwise the more the hot water hole allows through and the less cold water can come through until the cold water cannot flow any more. When turned counter clockwise the opposite is true.

Before you begin any plumbing project clean out the cabinet below the faucet and block the drain with a hand towel. Have your tools laid out so that they are easy to locate and follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the water at the valve under the sink
  2. Remove the faucet lever by raising the lever to expose the set screw. Some models may have a cap that has to be removed to expose the screw. Remove the screw and lift the handle off and then remove the housing.
  3. Remove the disc by removing the screws that hold the cartridge and lift the disc out and examine it for cracks. If the discs are cracked they should be replaced.
  4. Remove the old seals.
  5. Clean the seal seats by using a bristle brush and rinse thoroughly.
  6. Replace the old seals with the new ones and reassemble your faucet.
  7. Turn on your water supply with the lever at center positions and clear the air from the system by gradually opening the shut off valve under the sink.

When the water in the sink is running smoothly, without sputtering you can shut the water flow off.

As with any plumbing project always make sure you are prepared initially and organized with your tools and parts. This will make everything much easier for you and allow you to repair your faucet like a pro.

Many people are afraid to try a do-it-yourself plumbing project. Following the instructions and having the right tools and parts should remove that fear and save you money.

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