Removing a Toilet, the Royal Throne of the Bathroom

Some cases demand that you purchase a new toilet. Mold, leaks beyond repair, or just plain unappealing looks can lead you to buying a new toilet. Once you have made your choice and you’re ready to make the switch, you have to first get rid of the old one. Don’t spend money to pay someone to do this easy home repair. Do it yourself by reading up exactly on how to do it.

Check That It Fits Before You Start

While most toilets come in one standard size, newer versions may differ in width or depth. Before you take the time and trouble to take out the old model, make sure that the dimensions match. Measure your toilet space to verify the new model will fit well. Before you take out the old one, make sure you have the new toilet ready and the equipment you’ll need. A razor or small knife, a putty knife, a new wax gasket and a screwdriver will be helpful to have.

Take Out the Old One

To save money that can be well spent elsewhere, take out your old toilet by yourself by following these steps:

  1. Spread the area with newspaper, towels, rags, or anything that can protect your floor from dirt and water.
  2. Ensure that the water supply has been turned off.
  3. Flush the toilet several times to make sure all the water drains out.
  4. Scoop out any water that has not drained out of the toilet.
  5. Unscrew the screws that connect the water supply to the toilet.
  6. Undo the screws that are under the caps.
  7. With a small razor or knife, go along the edge of the toilet on the floor to remove the caulk.
  8. Gently rock it back and forth a little.
  9. Lift the toilet up and place it onto the newspaper you have laid out.
  10. Use the razor or a putty knife if possible to take off the wax gasket.
  11. Immediately place a durable rag on the drainpipe to block any gas that can escape up. Have this rag ready beforehand to avoid being unable to find it later.

Now that you’ve saved money by taking out the toilet yourself, you can be proud of your hard work. Get ready to put the new toilet in right away and you’ll be enjoying your new “throne” in no time.

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