How Water Softeners Work

When you water contains calcium, magnesium and certain types of iron it is called hard water. Hard water can have a lot of effects that are not desirable. They can react with the soap you use and prevent the soap from making lather, and is one of the main culprits when it comes to that ring around the tub or toilet.

How a Water Softener Works

In a water softener, the hard water flows through resin located in the softener. The resin is known as an ion exchange resin. This resin actually binds the metallic ions in the water. Sodium and hydrogen ions are released into the water. Many people do not soften the water that flows from cooking areas because of the sodium content of softened water.


The resins in the water softener will become inundated with the hard ions from the water that has been softened. This makes the device in effective. So, regular maintenance is necessary to flush out the hard ions and increase the efficiency of the water softener. This is done by using sodium chloride brine and running it over the resin. The salty brine then gets flushed into the sewer system making your water softener is once again efficient.

Soft Water

When you have soft water the water that you use in the shower, dishwashers and washing machines is free in soap chunks that are not soluble

So, when you see those spots on your glasses when they come out of the dishwasher, or you are scrubbing the ring around the tub and toilet you can almost bet that you have hard water.

The solution is easy and effective when you install a water softener.

There are water softeners that are sodium free and made for small spaces. There are softeners for large spaces and commercial restaurants. The choices are numerous, and the homeowner and business owner have to make the right choice.

Just like any other purchase you make for your home, you should research the available water softeners and make an informed decision on which model and type to purchase. You will never regret doing your homework when it comes to a purchase of this type. When you have numerous choices, it may help you to talk with people that have installed softeners in their home. They can tell you better than anyone the pros and cons of what they had installed.

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