How to Provide Warmth to Frozen Pipes

The cold weather can do some major damage to your house’s pipes if you don’t take the proper precautions. Don’t wait until the last minute when a pipe looks like it will burst. Act ahead of time and save money that a burst pipe would require since the uncontained water notoriously damages walls, floors, and other essential parts of your home. Depending on your budget, you can choose from a handful of options to help you protect your pipes and prevent major damage.

Clothing and Rags

The cheapest way that you can protect your pipes is to wrap t-shirts, rags, cotton-based fabrics, and anything that will provide warmth. You can use clothing when you have an extremely tight budget or are stuck at home. Wrap the pipes that are the most susceptible to freezing. That includes pipes that are out of the heat’s way.

Fiberglass and Pre-fitted Insulation

Pipes that are in the inside of your home and those outside need to be wrapped and protected. Most hardware shops sell pre-fitted sleeves that can be wrapped around pipes. Fiberglass slips work well for areas with little heat. As always, take care first and foremost of those pipes that are the most prone to bursting.

Electrical Heating Tape

One of the more expensive options is to purchase electrical heating tape. It has been shown to be rather effective in insulating the pipes enough, even in cold temperatures. This option is ideal if you plan on being far from your home for a long time. Bursting happens when the tap is opened suddenly after being frozen. Electrical heating tape can ensure that the pipes stay warm enough to prevent that.

Warmth With Household Items

It may seem like a strange idea, but you can use some items in your house to instantly warm a pipe that seems like it is frozen. A hairdryer can be used on medium intensity in five-minute increments. Be sure to not overheat the pipe. Use caution and logic to warm, not heat, the pipes. A small space heater can also be positioned far enough away from the pipe to be effective but safe.

When winter strikes your house and you aren’t prepared, major damage to your wallet and home can ensue. Choose a method that fits your needs and act before it starts to get cold with these do-it-yourself ideas.

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