How to Install Shower Plumbing

Your bathroom my not have been designed for a shower, but fear not, it’s still possible to install the necessary plumbing.

The following are instructions on how to install shower plumbing in your bathroom:

  1. If your community requires a building permit to make changes to plumbing make sure you have those permits in place before you start the project.
  2. Make sure that you shut off the water supply to the house before you start.
  3. Open the faucets in the bathroom so that any water in the pipes drains out.
  4. Locate the existing drains and pipes in the bathroom.
  5. Expose the existing plumbing by cutting into the floor and wall after you have found its location.
  6. Locate the hot and cold water supply and get access to them with the proper tools.
  7. Use the ‘T” fitting to mark where the water line will need to be cut to make room for the new pipe you will have to install. Cut the sections out that you have marked.
  8. Make sure to clean the pipe ends entirely.
  9. Measure the amount of plastic pipe you will need to run from the water source Plastic pipe should be cut with a fine tooth hacksaw and cleaned thoroughly after the cut.
  10. Repeat Step 7 until you have all the plastic pipe you need.
  11. Use a brush to put the solvent on the pipe ends and fittings. Use a generous amount of solvent on the pipe ends and less on the fittings. Ensure that all areas are covered and immediately joining the pipes and fittings together.
  12. Install the drain pipes and make sure you are within city code for distance from trap.
  13. Install any pipe that will between the drain pipe and the riser connection.
  14. Install the riser pipe according to the instructions that came with the pipe.
  15. Use 90 degree pipe fitting to bring through the wall where it will connect with the shower fixtures.

Any plumbing project is an important undertaking. It’s important to make sure that you have all the proper tools and parts to accomplish your task before you even start.

If you have any doubts about what you are doing, it makes sense to seek the advice of a professional or at least someone who has done the job before.

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