How to Find a Plumber During an Emergency

As a home owner, you know emergencies happen, and when they do, nine times out of ten they are after regular business hours. A plumbing emergency can create extreme panic with flooding waters, sewer back-ups, and fear of serious structural damage. The main thing for home owners to understand in these circumstances is not to panic.

The first steps a home owner should take before calling an emergency plumber include:

Assess the Situation:
Determine where the problem is occurring and if you are able to fix it on your own, or at least hold it over until regular business hours.

Stop the Water:
If the source of the problem is coming from a leaking pipe or busted water heater, turn off the water to that source. If the problem is not easily identified, you may need to turn the water off to the entire home through the main valve.

Clean Up:
Standing water can create a multitude of problems. The area needs to be cleaned as best as possible, and all water removed from the site. This will help eliminate mold, excessive damage to walls, carpeting, and the homes foundation.

Call the Plumber

After the initial steps have been taken, it is time to call the plumber. If you do not already have an emergency plumber on speed dial, finding one in this type of situation is risky, so be careful.

If you do not have anyone to get a referral from, you are going to have to resort to the Internet or the yellow pages to find a 24-hour plumbing service.

When you make the initial call, make sure the person on the other end of the phone is courteous and helpful.

Be wary of over the phone pricing, there is a standard flat rate emergency fee, but getting a price for your entire job sight unseen is usually extremely inaccurate.

Make sure the company is fully licensed and bonded to work in your state. All employees need to be certified and/or licensed, professional, experienced, and prepared when they arrive.

Read online reviews about the plumbing company to find out how others feel about their services.

Do not jump on the cheapest price; it is not always the best way to go. Of course, you want to save money, especially in this emergency you were not expecting, but an inferior job can result in a large repair fee later. Look for a company that offers high-quality work at a fair price for the best results.

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